"Если мне что-то надо, значит, это уже моё"©

A minor traffic infraction lands Sheldon in court in the March 1 episode of The Big Bang Theory, but it’s what Jim Parsons calls his “lack of delicacy with the English language” that prompts the judge to throw him in the pokey (thus causing him to miss meeting his idol, comic-book legend Stan Lee.)

“He gets pushed to his limits and gets cross with the judge,” Parsons explains. “The phrase ‘catching more flies with sugar than with vinegar’ makes no sense to him. The truth is really all that matters.”

His stint in jail is cut short when the supernerd “realizes he doesn’t [have] a private bathroom, at which point he’s ready to apologize,” reveals exec producer Chuck Lorre with a laugh. “He’s not willing to urinate in front of other felons. His self-righteousness dissipates as soon as he realizes he’s not going to get special treatment.”

And through a twist of fate, Sheldon ends up meeting Lee anyway. “He misses the [autograph] session Stan was doing at the comic book store, but he meets him at the end of the episode,” says Lorre. “It doesn’t go well, but he does meet him.”

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