"Если мне что-то надо, значит, это уже моё"©
Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory has hit his career peak by bringing his four-year-old nephew to meet Elmo from Sesame Street.

“I’m shooting a little word-of-the-day segment on Sesame Street, so I’m taking my four-year-old nephew,” said Parsons, who plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.

“The scene I’m doing (on Sesame Street), they’re creating a character just for that scene. But I said, ‘Can I bring my four-year-old nephew?’ and they said, ‘Sure, and we’ll bring Elmo and Abby Cadabby to meet him.’

“He may have a conniption fit, though. It’s one of those moments where I think, ‘He’s going to love it, but he may lapse back or something.’ It’s weird.”

The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom about four nerdy scientists and a hot female neighbour that airs Mondays on CBS and CTV, has gone through the roof ratings-wise in its third season. But as far as the advantages of fame go, Parsons said this Sesame Street thing will be tough to beat, no matter how long The Big Bang Theory lasts.

“It’s one of my favourite things I’ve even gotten to do because of any sort of career in Hollywood or whatever,” Parsons said. “When I heard that I was doing this and I could bring my nephew, I said, ‘I could retire.’

“Other than my name showing up in the New York Times crossword, what other goals do I have? I’m taking my nephew to meet Elmo!”

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